Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Resurrecting the blog...Ironman number 3

I've decided to start the blog up again to track the last few months of my training for Ironman Western Australia. Having kept it fairly regularly for Austria, it's nice to look back at how that went and it's a bit of a shame personally, that I didn't do the same for Australia earlier this year.

So I've updated the bits around the edges a little, it was nice to be able to update most of my personal bests, makes me realise that I have continued to improve over the last year and a bit.

Ironman Western Australia is now just over 4 months away, I've had a pretty good period of base training so far and have just come back from a week in New Zealand with no training at all (apart from the skiing!) so I'm now setting about hitting the training fairly hard again. Have not enjoyed the early alarm calls so far this week but with work very busy at the moment there is no real choice but to try and fit the bulk of the training in the morning. Tomorrow sees a 5am alarm call for an easy roll down to Mordialloc and back, a classic Melbourne ride down beach road that is a 53km round trip from home.

I'll update on lots of stuff that has happened over the last year and the plans for the next 4 months over the coming posts.