Friday, 12 August 2011

Foundations are down, time to build a big house...

Training has been going really well in recent weeks. I'm coming to terms with the swim volume with the new squad and now finding that fatigue from swimming isn't impacting my other sessions quite as much.

Given that I do love a graph, here's my most recent creation...

This shows the total volume of training house per week in the last 30 weeks leading up to recent Ironman races.

A quick analysis of the obvious things:
  •  I entered Ironman Australia (green line) late and didn't have the base fitness (although did put in a consistent block of training over the last 15 weeks or so)
  •  Busselton training last year (red line) had a few peaks and troughs - major troughs due to holidays and also backing off the bike training for the Melbourne marathon (and then recovering) 

What is clear is that I feel like I set myself up really well for Busselton this year (blue line). The race specific training phase (16 weeks worth) is only just around the corner and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it.

Training with Fluid Movements is continuing to go well, I’m finding that the sessions fit in with work pretty well, the only thing I really have to make sure I do is get away on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for run sessions, starting a little later in the morning is not normally a problem at work so providing lack of sleep does not get me, I'm getting 2 x bike sessions and 3 x swim in on weekday mornings.

Aside from the swim volume (49km last month!!) one of the other thing that has been a little different has been the quality of my bike sessions, Bike sessions are now more like run and swim sets with specific aims and targets to hit, and I've particuarly been enjoying the sessions at the velodrome where you also have other guys (and girls) to help push you along. The power meter is also helpful to stop me kidding myself when my head is telling me that I’m riding great yet the power number gives me a reality check!

Another graph to demonstrate (blue line = speed, yellow = power, red = HR)!!

This session involved a few ½ lap sprints to warm up and then the main session was 4 laps hard then 5 laps recovery x 10. We did the session as a group of 4 with each of us working hard, I’m not sure that anyone ever started the interval on the front and managed to finish on the front, highlight had to be coming round the final bend of the last interval 4 wide trying to take the ‘win’!! 

Anyway, I guess the summary is, very happy about where my fitness base is at, time to see what I can do with it over the next 17 weeks!

That’s it from me, off to sort out my kit for the morning, stay safe on the roads.