Monday, 9 January 2012

Crunching the numbers for 2011

Just a quick post with my training totals for 2011.

Swim - 309km (115 hours)
Bike- 8,221km (270 hours)
Run - 2,540km (209 hours)

Whilst the underlying numbers don't really tell you all that much, it's always something I'm interested in keeping track of.

Swim - I did 255 of those km's over a 6 month period! (May-Nov) so although the total was only slightly more than last year (298km) I did two Ironman events in 2010 so was more consistent throughout the entire year 2011 was very slack for the first few months.

Bike - Another year of doing more km on the bike than in the car :-) Numbers were boosted a bit by 570km in the last week of the year!

Run - by far my biggest year of running km's, which is a function of having started out the year with more of a focus on running events with initial ideas to run the gold coast marathon. Pulling out of that event meant that my running was consistent througout the year as I then swithced to the Busso program without any time out for recovery.

This year I pretty much put all my eggs in the Busselton basket and given that didn't quite go to plan don't have too many great results to show for my efforts, however I know that I've continued to make progress and now that I have had a nice rest through December, am getting right back into it with only 8 weeks to go until Ironman New Zealand. Training so far has been very bike focussed, still easing back into running.

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  1. A very impressive amount of training! I bet you learnt a lot from Busso. I'm looking forward to seeing you post a pb in NZ.